How YOU Can Build a $20,000 to $100,000 Per Month Micro No Time Flat
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Here's What to Expect in This Upcoming 3-Day Event on May 19th - 21st:

Day 1 (Friday, May 19th): Monica will be showing you the most powerful and profitable online funnel strategies for 2023. So much has changed DRASTICALLY in the online marketing space and if you want to create a multi-million-dollar online business, you MUST attend this event. In this first day, not only will you come away fully understanding which types of funnels are making the most money (and which ones don't work anymore), but you'll have at least one complete funnel ready to go by the end of this first day!
Day 2 (Saturday, May 20th): On this second event day, you'll understand exactly what the most powerful and profitable sales and marketing strategies are to make mid-high-ticket and high-ticket sales hand over fist. These strategies have also changed in the past several months with online marketing and if you don't understand exactly how to make these kinds of highly profitable higher-ticket sales, you don't stand a chance making profits with your online funnels. By the end of this power-packed sales and marketing day, you'll have the tools you need to make these profitable sales day in and day out moving forward. 
SPECIAL WORKSHOP (Sunday, May 21st): This is a HANDS-ON workshop meaning that you MUST bring your laptop to fully participate. Monica will go around the room and fully set up each attendees Google Ads and YouTube Video ads, LAUNCHING your ads right on the spot and making sure you're doing it properly. By the end of this workshop day, you may even make your first sale! Most people never launch their online ads properly. This is the first and only time Monica will help you launch your ads FOR you but this is ONLY for those of you who physically show up to this event.

Micro Business 6-Week Online Mentorship Group Begins AFTER the 3-Day Live Event

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